Tooth Decay. A very common problem

Tooth decay. A very common problem

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A problem that affects a large part of the population

Tooth decay affects people who have delicate teeth, bacterias in the mouth and eat certain foods containing added sugar. Tooth decay may arise at an early age and go on throughout life. In most instances they can be avoided with a simple care.

What causes tooth decay?

The bacterias that usually cause tooth decay are in the mouth. When these bacterias stick to the tooth it produces a sticky, colorless film called dental plaque. This slowly accumulates around and between teeth and over the surfaces of the molars.

Bacteria in dental plaque transform sugar we eat and drink into acid. Those acids descompose and drill the enamel of the teeth and it causes tooth decay. Plaque allows bacteria and acids stick to your teeth and unfortunately saliva does not clean up tooth. The longer plaque remains stuck to the tooth, the more likely this deterioration continues.