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Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that treats periodontal diseases, i.e. those that affect the tissues that support the teeth.

The treatment of periodontal diseases varies depending on the severity. In the initial stages the problem can be solved by cleaning or curettage. However, in more advanced cases surgery may be necessary.


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periodontal treatments

Basic treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis

Dental restoration consists of restoring damaged teeth to their lost form or function. Typically, the procedures carried out in restorations are fillings to cover any dental cavities, or veneers and crowns to repair structural failures.

This procedure provides access to the periodontal and peri-implant pockets that have formed.

periodontal treatments

Implant maintenance

The recovery of oral health does not end with the placement of dental implants. Implants are even more delicate than natural teeth, so it is very necessary to carry out periodic check-ups.

The function of the revisions is to check for signs of deterioration of the area, and fundamentally to prevent possible outbreaks of peri-implantitis. In addition, control plaque and perform a deep cleaning.

Dental hygiene

periodontal treatments

Periodontal and peri-implant surgery

In more advanced cases of periodontitis, periodontal pockets are quite deep and cannot be removed with minor procedures, but surgery is necessary.

This procedure accesses the pockets that have accumulated in the periodontal sulcus and performs a deep cleaning.

periodontal treatments

Gum grafts

Gum recession does not only affect the dentition in an esthetic way. It can also cause various discomforts and compromise the stability of the teeth.

Gingival grafting is a minimally invasive microsurgery. It consists of taking soft tissue, largely from the patient's palate, and then inserting it into the exposed area.

Gingival grafting in a patient with receding gums

periodontal treatments

Periodontal regeneration

Periodontal regeneration facilitates the reconstruction of those structures that contribute to the support of the tooth, which have been damaged as a result of periodontal disease.

periodontal treatments

Tooth lengthening

Some patients suffer from an alteration of the tooth-to-gum ratio or an asymmetry in the gingival margin.

In these cases it is possible to perform a crown lengthening to achieve a predominance of the tooth structure over the gingiva, with immediate results.

Four-fold elongation crowns and veneers in the same four pieces