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Teeth can be poorly positioned for various reasons such as bad habits, genetics or parafunctions, which affects the patient’s health and quality of life. Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental anomalies for their subsequent correction.

It is increasingly common to see older people resorting to orthodontics and, fortunately, the vast majority of children are corrected at an early age, which facilitates and simplifies treatment.

At Clínica Bilbao we perform exhaustive dental studies to detect anomalies in the position, function or shape of the dental pieces. We weigh the most appropriate procedure in each case to improve oral function and the esthetic appearance of teeth and facial expression.


Our treatments

orthodontic treatments

Orthodontics with brackets

Brackets are small pieces made of different materials, which are cemented to the surface of the teeth and are joined by means of archwires.

The functioning of this orthodontic system is based on the pressure exerted by the archwires, which is transmitted to the teeth thanks to the brackets. Thus, the teeth gradually move to the position they should occupy in the dental arch.

At Clínica Bilbao we work with several types of brackets:

orthodontic treatments

Interceptive orthopedics

Interceptive orthodontics is a type of orthodontics exclusively for children. Its name comes from "intercept", since this treatment is intended to intercept occlusion or bite problems that the child may develop at the end of its growth phase due to anomalies in the maxillofacial structure.

Interceptive orthodontics should be adapted to the development of the child's face, and depending on the problem detected, different devices will be used, such as extraoral traction masks for bite problems or palatal expanders to correct cleft palates.

invisible orthodontics

Clear aligners

Invisible orthodontics that can be monitored online, without the need to visit the clinic.

The revolution of the 21st century

Nowadays people are increasingly concerned about taking care of their image, so invisible orthodontics is gaining strength day by day, and clear aligners are quickly becoming one of the most demanded orthodontic techniques.

Clear aligners are the most suitable option for patients who want an effective solution to their dental position problems and a treatment characterized by discretion.


Case Studies

Alineadores transparentes en Bilbao

What do clear aligners consist of?

This treatment is based on the placement of custom-made transparent aligners, designed specifically for each patient by the doctors at Clínica Bilbao, using 3D computer programs that virtually simulate the patient's teeth.

The aligners gradually correct the dental position and are renewed every two weeks, with an updated design based on the new positions of the teeth. Thus, the treatment time will be determined according to the complexity of each case.

At Clínica Bilbao we can solve practically any dental alignment problem using this technique, since we have the best 3D technology and we work with leading brands.

Advantages of clear aligners

They are transparent

As they are completely transparent, they become almost imperceptible in the patient's mouth.

They are comfortable

The aligners are made of plastic, i.e., they have no wires or metal, so the risk of injury is practically nil.

They are removable

Aligners should be worn at least 20 hours a day for best results, and can be removed for eating and drinking or oral hygiene. This feature also has the great advantage that no food is restricted during use.

They are more hygienic

As mentioned above, the aligners can be removed. In this way, the teeth can be cleaned without difficulty and the aligners can be conveniently cleaned with soap and water whenever necessary.

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