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Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty focused on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases related to the entire facial structure.

The maxillofacial surgery department of Clínica Bilbao performs a wide variety of surgical procedures, from the simplest to the most complex.

Our team is formed by highly recognized maxillofacial surgeons, and we use the latest advances and techniques to obtain the most accurate diagnoses and the best results.


Our treatments

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Splint-guided surgery

Before an implantology treatment, it is very important to determine first of all the position and angulation in which the implants should be placed. In this way, the design proposed for each patient's definitive teeth will be followed with complete certainty.

The splint is used to indicate the position and angulation in which the dental implants should be placed, depending on the amount of bone available and the design of the prosthesis. Thus, the splint allows planning the exact position of the implants, serving as a guide in the surgical act.

surgery treatments

Immediate implants

Immediate implants are those that are placed just after the extraction of an affected dental piece, either due to the poor condition of the same or due to trauma. In other words, the implant is placed in the tooth socket immediately after extraction, in the same surgical act.

Although this procedure offers great advantages, such as fewer interventions, less alveolar resorption or shorter healing time, it should be noted that in order to perform this type of technique it is necessary to have favorable conditions in the bone where the implant will be placed.

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Bone regeneration with biomaterials

In some occasions the realization of an implant is difficult because the patient does not present a sufficient amount of bone.

Thanks to biomaterials, which are compatible with the body, the probability of rejection is minimized and bone regeneration is effectively achieved. In this way, this treatment manages to generate an adequate bone volume, both in height and width, which allows dental implants to be placed in patients who do not have adequate bone volume.

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En bloc bone grafts

En bloc bone grafting is a bone filling technique indicated when the bone width does not allow the placement of dental implants.

With this procedure, a block of bone from a donor site is placed in the affected area to improve the quality of the bone and make it possible to place implants or prostheses.

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Removal of cysts and tumors

The existence of cysts is usually due to the presence of a latent infection produced by teeth in poor condition, teeth retained in the bone or residual embryonic tissues.

The treatment for both cysts and tumors is removal of the lesion under local anesthesia and subsequent analysis to determine the nature and benignity of the process.

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Soft tissue grafts

Soft tissue grafts are performed on those occasions when it is necessary to cover roots that are too visible or to restore the profile of the gums to give greater naturalness to the implants.

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Sinus lift

Sinus lift is a surgical technique that is performed to place implants in patients who do not have sufficient bone volume and height in the posterior maxilla.

In this way, it is possible to replace teeth in people who would otherwise not be able to undergo implant surgery.

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Sometimes the teeth do not erupt correctly and are included within the maxillary bones.

Fenestration consists of the elimination of the obstacles that prevent the correct eruption of the tooth (bone and mucosa), in order to achieve its eruption or to traction it by means of orthodontics until it occupies its definitive place in the dental arch.

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Complete upper and lower rehabilitation

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