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The smile is an essential part of our image. With health as the main reference, from the department of dental aesthetics of Clínica Bilbao we will try to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Most of the treatments focused on achieving good dental esthetics are simple and painless, and some can even be performed in a single session or a few sessions with excellent results. However, in order to carry them out, it is essential that the patient’s mouth is in good health.

Therefore, the decision to undertake a dental esthetic treatment we consider should be the result of a previous joint reflection by the professional and the patient who, once informed, can decide aware of the advantages, their expectations and the foreseeable results.


Our treatments

dental esthetic treatments

Tooth whitening

Whitening is a dental esthetic treatment for teeth with discoloration defects. These defects can be caused by multiple factors, such as genetic problems, intake of certain medications or foods, poor cleaning habits or smoking.

At Clínica Bilbao we offer different types of dental whitening:

Real cases

dental esthetic and prosthetic treatments

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are shells that are placed on the visible part of the tooth to correct minor esthetic defects in position, color, size or shape.

At Clínica Bilbao we work with several types of veneers:

Real case composite veneers

dental esthetic and prosthetic treatments


Crowns or caps are custom-made structures for each patient, which are used to cover weakened or esthetically defective teeth.

At Clínica Bilbao we work with different types of crowns:

Crowns on natural tooth

Crowns on ceramics on natural teeth

dental esthetic treatments

Closure of spaces between teeth

At Clínica Bilbao we perform small reconstructions with composite to eliminate gaps between teeth.